How To Purchase, Apply, Set Up And Prepare The Face For Best Airbrush Makeup Results

There is a reason as to why airbrush makeup is becoming popular everyday in the beauty industry. Not only is it easy to apply but anybody can achieve the best airbrush makeup result in their own home; no need to go to a professional. Applying makeup is an art which is learned over time and practice. One advantage of airbrush make up is the fact that it is quite convenient for people who have a hectic schedule and do not have time to apply makeup the traditional way. It is also great for busy women because of the long-lasting nature of the makeup once it dries on the skin.

The 4 Steps to Fantastic MakeUp Results Like the Pros

The following are some tips that come in handy when using air brush make up:

1. How to Purchase the Best Airbrush Makeup Kityoung woman makeup steps

It would be of no use to have all the tips of using an airbrush makeup kit at hand when one does not have the best airbrush makeup kit. Having good equipment will make all the difference in proper application of makeup so buying equipment from a hardware store and putting together an airbrush makeup kit is not an option.

The kit can be quite expensive but there is no need of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on professional equipment if it is not easy to use. Beginners should look for equipment that is user friendly. The best airbrush makeup kit is the one that has an easy to hold nozzle attachment. The easiest to use models are the ones that guarantee no clogging.  An example of this is the Luminess Air makeup kit which also doubles as a natural skin tanner.

Before purchasing a kit, it is important to read the reviews of the model so as to get a better idea of how well it works. The internet or even trade magazines can be quite helpful in helping buyers find the best equipment for airbrushing.

Beginners who have never used the air makeup brush or are not yet skilled should purchase cheaper kits so as to avoid wasting expensive makeup on experimentation.

2. Setting Up Everything

The air pressure in the airbrush makeup kit should be sufficient. The compressor in the airbrush should be plugged in and running smoothly. The air source should be checked to ensure that the air supply is adequate yet at a low PSI rating of between 3.5 to 6.0. If the air supply is not adequate or the compressor is not running smoothly, the makeup may come out in chunks or the air spray gun may clog. This can easily be checked by using the air spray gun against the back of the hand or on a piece of paper. The lower PSI ensures a smooth application of your makeup without being to thick.

Once all the different pieces have been assembled, it is time to apply the makeup. Unless one is completely sure of their makeup application skills, they should wear old clothing or an old T-shirt. The first few initial runs will probably leave makeup in places that are not wanted. Beginners who are not sure of their skills can begin by practicing how to mix colors and layers on a piece of paper so as to have an idea of how to use the best airbrush makeup kit. The texture on the paper may be different but the concept still applies.

3. Application Tips for A Great Look

When applying makeup using the best airbrush makeup kit, it should be done conservatively. It is important to remember that adding color is possible but reducing it is not. It is better to begin by applying conservatively and adding more color where needed. The airbrush should be held at least six inches away from the skin when applying.

Always work in layers. Applying makeup should begin with a base layer and then given time to dry. Unlike regular makeup, one can easily add layer upon layer of makeup with the airbrush without producing smudges or smearing it. For best results, each successive layer should be allowed to dry before applying the next one.

Shake the airbrush bottle well. This helps to get rid of bubbles and clumps in the airbrush makeup thus making it easier to apply. Knowledge of how to use the airbrush makeup to apply make up properly is essential. For instance, inside the spray gun, how many drops of foundation should be put inside the spray gun’s small opening? About five to seven drops of liquid foundation is recommended and some test sprays done by gently pressing on the throttle button. This ensures that the spray gun is working properly.

To avoid an uneven appearance, the makeup should be applied using forward backward motions without stopping on any part of the face for a long span of time. The first layer should be a thin coat.

Long sweeping strokes also produce better effects as compared to short busts. This creates a consistent stream while short bursts of application will only leave some areas with more makeup than others.

When applying makeup with the airbrush, it is also a good idea to begin with a lighter shade because the airbrush piles on the makeup quicker than an applicator or a sponge.

4. Preparing the Face for the Best Airbrush Makeup Results

The face should be properly cleansed by applying a cleanser on a cotton ball and thoroughly cleansing the face. Once the face is clean and moisturized, concealer cream should be applied on dark areas of the skin or on areas that have red marks and under the eyes.

There is a cup fitted on the airbrush tool which is where the airbrush makeup should be poured. Once the cap has been placed on top of the airbrush’s cup, the switch should be turned on. Holding the brush about six or eight inches away from the face, the makeup should be sprayed all over the face with the eyes closed the entire time. For a complete and even look, the makeup can be sprayed on the neck and ears.

Time to Get the Results You Seek

In summary, one can easily apply airbrush make up just like celebrities do and look just as fantastic. With a few tips, it is quite easy to get the best airbrush makeup kit and use it professionally. For better results, it is always a good idea to get someone else to help with spraying the makeup on the face. In addition, it is important to have fun and relax when applying makeup. After all, it can always be washed off and re-applied if the results are not satisfactory.